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If Britain and Australia agree a post-Brexit trade deal, Liz Truss the international trade secretary has said that free movement…. Boris Johnson is using the conventions of British public life to destroy the British constitution. He is relying on the….

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ROME CNN — Using strikingly open language, a new Vatican report says the church should welcome and appreciate gays, and offers a solution for divorced and remarried Catholics who want to receive Communion. At a press conference Monday to present the report, Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines said the most discussed topics thus far at two-week long meeting of Catholic bishops and priests were the impact of poverty, war and immigration on families. The Rev.

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While Haiti has known more than its share of international exploitation, bad governance, political unrest, and natural catastrophes, the impact of the January 12, earthquake deserves special consideration. The 7. The United Nations has referred to it as "the largest urban disaster in modern history.

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The recent earthquake that was felt across Israel was the result of the "homosexual activity practiced in the country", Knesset Member Shlomo Benizri said Wednesday. An earthquake registering 5. The trembling lasted for 19 seconds and shook structures in many major towns and cities.

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Today marks 20 years since the Northridge earthquake rocked Southern California. And we revisit our profile of lesbian Kate Hutton, who afterward became a recognizable face on TV whenever the earth moves under your feet. When the earth moves — as it did to devastating effect in the January 26 quake in northwestern India — many people turn to Kate Hutton, a.

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As part of our continuing coverage of the 20th anniversary of Northridge, we've built an Earthquake Tracker on our website. It's an interactive map that keeps a record of all seismic activity in California. On how the mapping tool works: "We're basically cataloguing earthquakes in California that the United States Geological Survey records.

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Thank you for signing up. Sorry, it looks like an error occurred. Malaysia's opposition leader has sparked outrage by suggesting that Indonesia's deadly quake-tsunami was punishment for the activities of gay people.

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We know what causes earthquakesand it's not gay sex. Though, surprisingly, the field of plate tectonics as we know it today has only been widely accepted since the late s. Still, just as many maintain misguided ideas about climate change, evolution, and vaccines—despite incontrovertible evidence regarding their existence and effectiveness, respectively—there's a group that argues gay sex is to blame for earthquakes, like the one that rocked Nepal this past weekend.

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Kate Huttonnicknamed the Earthquake LadyDr. Kateor Earthquake Kate was a staff seismologist at the California Institute of Technology in PasadenaCaliforniawhere she monitored Southern California's earthquake activity for 37 years. While Hutton was growing up, her family lived in several states and spent six years in Taiwan.

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Embattled Opposition leader Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi expressed worry over "activities" of Malaysian lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders LGBTs today, 23 October, after claiming that the fatal Indonesia quakes were caused by the community. Image via Malaysiakini. This is the punishment of Allah," Zahid said today, according to Malaysiakini.