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Department of Dermatology, Seoul St. Sebaceous hyperplasia SH is a proliferative abnormality of sebaceous glands, most often seen in elderly individuals. It consists of single or multiple, asymptomatic, small yellow papules with a central depression.

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Fordyce spots also termed Fordyce granules [1] [2] are visible sebaceous glands that are present in most individuals. They are not associated with any disease or illness, nor are they infectious but rather they represent a natural occurrence on the body. No treatment is therefore required, unless the individual has cosmetic concerns.

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Ingrown hairs are most common in areas where you shave or wax your hair, but they can occur anywhere hair grows. This includes the pubic area, base of the penis, or shaft of the penis. Ingrown hairs occur when the tip of a hair curls and grows back into the skin, or grows back into a hair follicle itself.

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Author: Vanessa Ngan, staff writer. Fordyce spots are small 1—5mmslightly elevated yellowish or white papules or spots that can appear on the glans or shaft of the penis, or the vulva of the female, the inside of the cheeks and on the vermilion border of the lips. They are also called Fordyce granules.

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Purchase tests Choose the test you want be sure to pick the laboratory you want to use. Visit a Lab After purchasing your testing you will receive an email with your lab requisition. Bring this form to the laboratory. Sign into your account to view and download your result reports.

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Found a suspicious spot on your todger and starting to freak out? Don't stress! Just like the rest of your body, it is perfectly normal to occasionally get spots on your penis.

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Fordyce spots, or sebaceous granules, are a non-STI dermatological condition characterized by clusters of small 1 to 3 mm elevated bumps or spots on various parts of the body. Fordyce spots are a variation of sebaceous glands, which are normally responsible for lubricating the skin and hair follicles. Fordyce spots are often misdiagnosed as pearly penile papulesanother non-STI dermatological condition.


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