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The were also said to be numerous sexual comments and descriptions written about the actively serving soldiers. It said that admins to the Facebook group used Google Drive to store the photos and information about the victims. The veteran who first posted the Google Drive link has reportedly been sacked from his position as a government contractor.

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The US Department of Defense is currently running an investigation into a private Facebook group where hundreds of Marines were spreading naked photos of female soldiers and veterans. Most of the nude pics were shared in the group without the women giving their consent or even knowing about what was happening, reveals the Center for Investigative Reporting. It seems that the members of the group used the photos to identify more than two dozen women by full name, rank, and military duty.

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During the American Civil Warsexual behavior and attitudeslike many other aspects of life, were affected by the conflict. The advent of photography and easier media distribution, for example, allowed for greater access to sexual material for the common soldier. At camp, " barracks favorites " were available.

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The Marine Corps Timesan independent newspaper focusing on issues involving the service, published an internal Marine Corps communications document with talking points about the issue, describing the social media network as a closed Facebook group with about 30, members. The network solicited nude photos of female service members, some of whom had their name, rank and duty station listed, the newspaper reported. A Marine Corps spokesman told the newspaper that military officials are uncertain how many military personnel could be involved. Smith also called for proper care to be provided to the victims, and said that, "This behaviour by Marines and former Marines is degrading, dangerous, and completely unacceptable.

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Private Facebook groups can be valuable discussion areas for like-minded people, but they can also promote toxic behavior in the wrong circumstances. While the group has had some above-board discussions, according to one anonymous veteran, it has been dominated by "creepy, stalker-like" photography, revenge porn and the vile talk to match. Over two dozen of the women were identified by their names and positions.

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The US Marine Corps is investigating a secret Facebook group being used to circulate naked pictures of active female officers. Hundreds of United States Marines are being investigated for sharing naked pictures of their female colleagues on private Facebook groups. Over twenty different women, including officers and enlisted soldiers, have had their intimate photos shared on a private group called "Marines United".

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TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. The US Department of Defense is currently investigating hundreds of marines for spreading naked photos of female soldiers and veterans in a private group on Facebook. According to the report, members of the secretive Facebook group used the photos to identify more than two dozen women — some of whom are still enlisted in the military — by full name, rank and military duty. While the accounts associated with the naked photos have been reportedly shut down, it remains unclear whether the abusive page has been entirely wiped from the internet.

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At a time when sexual assault in the military has reached epidemic levels, the Marines have drawn new attention to sexism in the armed forces with reports that hundreds of Marines allegedly posted pictures of half-naked or naked female service members and veterans online. The incident came out less than one month after Jan. In addition to worsening the sexual assault epidemic, the incident is also believed to pose a national security risk, as it makes the targeted women vulnerable to blackmail.

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Jump to navigation. After racy photos, Israeli female soldiers post second racy video on social media The new video, which is likely to leave the army chiefs red-faced, shows half-naked Israeli female soldiers gyrating around an assault rifle. Close on the heels of four Israeli female soldiers posting semi-naked pictures of themselves on Facebook, a new racy video has surfaced. The new video, which is likely to leave the army chiefs red-faced, shows half-naked Israeli female soldiers gyrating around an assault rifle.


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