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Turner syndrome TS is a genetic condition found in females only. It affects about 1 in every 2, girls. Girls with Turner syndrome are usually shorter than their peers.

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Our bodies are made up of millions of cells. Typically, each cell has 46 chromosomes. Each chromosome is a package of DNA, which contains our genetic information.

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Back to Turner syndrome. Almost all girls with Turner syndrome will grow up to be shorter than average, with underdeveloped ovaries. Girls with Turner syndrome also have distinctive features and associated health conditions, some of which may be apparent from birth.

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Turner syndrome, a condition that affects only females, results when one of the X chromosomes sex chromosomes is missing or partially missing. Turner syndrome can cause a variety of medical and developmental problems, including short height, failure of the ovaries to develop and heart defects. Turner syndrome may be diagnosed before birth prenatallyduring infancy or in early childhood.

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Turner syndrome TSalso known 45,Xor 45,X0is a genetic condition in which a female is partly or completely missing an X chromosome. Turner syndrome is not usually inherited from a person's parents. No cure for Turner syndrome is known.

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Kylie tells us about her life with Turner syndrome, a chromosome disorder that is thought to affect 3, women and girls in the UK. I love being a nanny. And obviously the infertility.

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Turner syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder that affects females. The disorder is characterized by partial or complete loss monosomy of one of the second sex chromosomes. Turner syndrome is highly variable and can differ dramatically from one person to another. Affected females can potentially develop a wide variety of symptoms, affecting many different organ systems.

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A rare chromosomal disorder, Turner syndrome is sometimes treated with hormones and therapy. But in Turner syndrome, one normal X chromosome is present, and the other X chromosome is missing, partially missing, or rearranged. It's also possible for a person with Turner syndrome to have what's known as chromosomal mosaicism, or mosaic Turner syndrome, in which some cells have the normal number of X chromosomes and some do not.

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The following description of Turner Syndrome TS and explanation of some of the issues involved in living with Turner syndrome are not definitive and a doctor or endocrine specialist should always be consulted whenever a diagnosis of Turner syndrome has been given. The Turner Syndrome Support Society [UK] and other International Turner Syndrome support groups can help with practical information on living daily with TS and can in most cases offer contact with other girls and women with TS and their families. Information about Turner Syndrome can be found on the internet and in books; sadly this information is not always correct, and the TSSS therefore strongly recommends that anyone concerned about TS should consult a health professional who specialises in Turner Syndrome.


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