Teen violence intervention

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CSC is always interested in securing additional employment and education opportunities for the youth we serve. If you would like to partner with us, please call Click here to assign a widget to this area.

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Youth violence is when young people aged intentionally use physical force or power to harm others. It includes bullying, dating violence, fights, gang violence, homicide, human trafficking and exploitation, self-directed violence self-abuse and suicidesexual violence and threats. Violence impacts communities across Denver and contributes to many negative health outcomes.

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Worldwide an estimated homicides occur among youth 10—29 years of age each year, making it the fourth leading cause of death for people in this age group. Youth homicide rates vary dramatically between and within countries. Rates of youth homicide among females are much lower than rates among males almost everywhere.

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In order to help youth develop and maintain healthy, violence-free relationships, Peace Over Violence has been implementing the In Touch With Teens Violence Prevention curriculum in junior high and high schools and other community based youth organizations. The eleven-unit curriculum empowers youth to have healthy relationships by providing information about power and control, elements of healthy relationships and healthy sexuality, and media literacy as well as education on sexual harassment, sexual assault, and dating violence. The curriculum further addresses the development of pro-social skills such as empathy, impulse control, effective communication, problem solving, and bystander accountability. In Touch With Teens Curriculum is a nationally recognized relationship violence prevention curriculum developed with urban youth in Los Angeles to change social norms around issues of violence in their relationships, homes and communities.

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View the print-friendly version: PDF 0. Violence between dating partners represents a significant public health problem. Approximately 20 percent of U.

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The objective of the program is to educate youth about teen dating violence, domestic violence and general violence by respectfully challenging belief systems some youth hold that support and foster violence as a means to resolve conflict. A belief system that supports violence often reinforces and promotes the notion that violence is necessary if one is to receive respect, acceptance and love. We believe we can provide the necessary tools, skills and understanding of how violence occurs to help teens in make non-violent choices.

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The purpose of the Youth Violence Prevention Centers YVPC Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to reduce youth violence in defined high-risk communities through the implementation and evaluation of comprehensive, evidence based prevention strategies. Within this common framework, each YVPC varies in its structure and methods, however all engage communities in multiple ways. We explore aspects of community engagement employed by three centers that operate in very different contexts: a rural county in North Carolina; a suburban area of Denver, Colorado; and an urban setting in Flint, Michigan.

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Youth violence is a significant problem that affects thousands of young people each day, and in turn, their families, schools, and communities. Homicide is the third leading cause of death for youth in the United States. Youth violence typically involves young people hurting other peers. It can take different forms.

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While violent crime rates across the United States have fallen over the past two decades, violence continues to pose a major threat to the health and well-being of many communities, disproportionately affecting racial and ethnic minority populations. In response to this persistent problem, the Office of Minority Health at the U. The initiative reflects an emerging body of research and practice that treats violence as a disease, linking public health agencies with law enforcement to approach violence from a public health perspective.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Stop The Cycle. From to there have been mass shootings.


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