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Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland and sometimes the area around it. It is not cancer. Only males have a prostate gland.

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The term dysuria refers to any pain or discomfort associated with urination peeing. It does not refer to urinary frequency how often you gothough disorders of frequency can often be accompanied by dysuria. Men and women of any age can experience painful urination.

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Your urine contains many chemicals. Sometimes these chemicals form solids, called crystals. A crystals in urine test looks at the amount, size, and type of crystals in your urine. It's normal to have a few small urine crystals.

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Urinary diversion is a surgical procedure that reroutes the normal flow of urine out of the body when urine flow is blocked. Urine flow may be blocked because of. Bladder removal or a malfunctioning bladder may also cause blocked urine flow.

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The urinary tract is one of the systems that our bodies use to get rid of waste products. The kidneys are the part of the urinary tract that makes urine pee. Urine has salts, toxins, and water that need to be filtered out of the blood.

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Blood in the urine, also called hematuria is surprisingly common. In fact, about 16 percent of us experience it at one point or another. While it may be the result of something quite benign, it can also be a sign of a more significant issue—so it's important to follow up when it happens.

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Even if you have no other symptoms, blood coming from your penis can be alarming. Reasons for bleeding from the penis can range from an especially vigorous workout to more serious medical conditions. In some cases, the presence of other symptoms can help narrow down possible causes. Your doctor will do some testing to determine the underlying cause of your condition and make a diagnosis.

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Men can get urinary tract infections UTIs. Because UTIs are more common among women, men often don't realize that they can also develop these infections. UTIs in men cause pain with urination, as well as other symptoms.

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After-dribble refers to the loss of a small amount of urine after emptying the bladder. It can be annoying and embarassing and occurs when the urethra the tube which carries urine from the bladder to the penis is not completely emptied. This occurs when the muscles surrounding the urethra do not contract properly, which in turn prevents the bladder from fully emptying. If you experience after-dribble alongside any of the following symptoms it is important that you seek professional help:.


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