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When it was announced that Jake Gyllenhaal would star in Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger we held our breath with anticipation of a Skintastic movie filled with hot male nudity. Five years later Jake would hit his nudity stride with Love and Other Drugs In another scene, Jake is bottomless as he lies on top of co-star Anne Hathaway and thrusts away.

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The plot summary added in this edit is a presumed copyright violation, from the movie's official website site uses Flash - click "Story". I've removed it. It seems more accurate than "centers around his pre-Gulf War experiences" - the previews make it seem like it's more about military than civilian life.

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Interviewed by Rob Carnevale. From escaping death and changing the course of the world in cult indie hit Donnie Darko and appearing as Jennifer Aniston's brooding boyfriend in The Good GirlJake Gyllenhaal has quickly emerged as one of the most promising young actors of his generation. He then enjoyed a brief stint in the West End in This Is Our Youth before getting caught up in the tangled web of celebrity - first by being linked to the Spider-Man role following complications with Tobey Maguire around the time of the sequel and then for dating Kirsten Dunst. Here he talks about the rigours of boot camp and getting into the mindset of a bored and occasionally naked marine for Jarhead.

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For his role as a Marine in the new movie Jarhead, Jake Gyllenhaal had to bare it all — well, almost all. Luckily, he had little to be embarrassed about: Gyllenhaal buffed up considerably to play a military man. The high-wattage group enjoyed bottles of Belvedere vodka and Veuve Clicquot champagne while grooving to a deejay mixing old-school Beastie Boys and Run-D.

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To herald a new slate of films, along with a blatant endorsement of his commitment to the craft, Details magazine has selected the star for the cover of its all-important September issue. But what does the profile reveal? The six-packed blockbuster hunk is dead.

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J ake Gyllenhaal could be any earlys urbanite. He is sitting in front of me wearing a plain white T-shirt and huge pillowy Nikes, and with a semi-wildman beard and gleaming eyes. He may look normal now, but in his new film, Southpaw, a boxing movie in which he plays a troubled brawler called Billy Hopehe is a huge and sculpted light-heavyweight, a slab of murderous muscle.

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More on that later. My first thought after seeing the movie was that Jake Gyllenhaal has chosen two movies this season, Brokeback Mountain and Jarheadthat have taken conventional movie genres, the Western and the war movie, and turned them on their heads. People who go to Jarhead thinking they are going to see a movie about war with lots of bombs, actions scenes, and killing, may be disappointed, because Jarhead is for the most part a movie about loneliness.

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Socialite Life debuted back in SL Flashback showcases some of our favorite content from years past. A buff and nude Jake Gyllenhaal makes any film worth seeing.

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