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June 25, And you will be wrong. Though it may sound old-fashioned but there are more and more people who decide to save sex for marriage.

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You may think Celibacy before marriage? Come on, no one believes in that today. And you will be wrong.

Adriana Lima is getting a divorce. That whole time while they were dating, Adriana and Marko never had sex. According to her. She stayed a virgin until she was 27 years old, and she saved herself for marriage.

Although it may sound old-fashioned to some, there are more and more couples out there who not only want to save themselves for marriageā€¦but they actually do. The majority choose to wait because of religious beliefs, and many because they feel that their bodies, love and the institution of marriage are sacred things. For some it is also a matter of wanting to share and experience their union and all of its events--from taking their vows to the birth of their children in the same way as they were raised.

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January 23rd,am. WE'RE not sure we believe him for a second, but Lenny Kravitz insists he's been celibate for three years. It usually trips them out, but that's the way it's going to be.

August 7th,pm. Hollywood is often portrayed as a haven for lusty libertines, but there are a number of celebrities who have opted out of physical intimacy for personal, moral, and religious reasons. Sex sells, but no sex is fascinating, too.

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In the age of hooking up, speed dating, and dating apps like Tinder, one Hollywood couple is encouraging singles to wait until marriage to have sex. After working together on the film, "Jumping the Broom," the two dated for 11 months before marrying in Good and Franklin, 37, who had been celibate since his 20s, penned a book about the experience, titled "The Wait," which is out Feb. It encourages singles to practice delayed gratification when it comes to sexual pleasure and think of celibacy as a tool to having a successful life.

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The Frisky -- There are certain people you expect to preach abstinence -- for example, your parents and that sex-ed teacher in high school who traumatized you with an STD slideshow. But you might not expect to hear it from Ms. No Pants herself, Lady Gaga.

They have to respect that this is my choice. That a successful modeling career is more a factor of genetic luck than hard work and character. But think of how much effort you put into making yourself presentable for a first date or a job interview. All day, every day you must look not only incredible, but winningly incredible.


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