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Are you a slut? The iamnotaslut Twitter campaign went viral; Limbaugh began losing sponsors 20, at last count. The plaque is in the mail.

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Top definition. Sluts unknown. The cheap whores you pick up off the streets in Las Vegas, and L.

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Slut is generally a term for a woman or girl who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. The first recorded use of the word was a reference to a man, in Geoffrey Chaucer 's The Canterbury Talesin which he is referring to the man's untidy appearance. Slut-shaming is a related term, referring to the act of drawing attention to a person's promiscuous behavior for the purpose of shaming them socially.

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I had to learn how to accept myself through disease. I am looking for someone to accept me through my sickness because it isn't going anywhere until my eventual death or a cure is found. I am not getting any younger and probably not getting muchhealthier.

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I tell her that part too; how I was accidentally funny. Maybe not so funny? Hot shame rushes across my face, the shame that accompanies every waking moment of being a year-old girl.

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The author, his husband, and his boyfriend. Photo by the author. It was when I read an opinion piece by a British writer Dylan Jones that I learned I was a slut—an actual, world-class slut.

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A global campaign invites woman across the world to rock red lipstick as a message against sexual violence, writes Pearl Boshomane. I started wearing red lipstick when I was a teenager as a means of rebellion. This is nothing new: people will always find something to slut-shame a woman with, be it her allegedly too-short skirt or her scandalously low-cut top or her red lipstick.

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Nowadays, people are suffering from the backslash of painful relationship need a fuck friend. Some went to abroad just to look for a partner, but ended up finding nothing. In the true adventures of romantic life today, to conquer a person means to entice him.

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Is it the way she dresses? What she says? What she does?

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W omen! Dare you approach the Pyramid of Egregiousness? This is the new chart that's been put together by women's groups in the US to classify the hate words used against us, from bad to worse to really quite stinkingly repulsive. There, a reeking sewage system of sexist sideswipes has been organised into a colourful triangle.


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