What is okay in christian sex

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What is permissible sexually in marriage? What can a couple do sexually together? Can a married couple have anal sex?

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I mean, we all have those days where we are just plain exhausted. Or perhaps we are in pain due to a medical condition or after just having a new child. All of these are reasonable times when it seems like it might be okay to say no.

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Do you know unmarried couples who attend church, have consensual sex, and may even live together? According to a study by the Barna Group. The majority of American adults believe cohabitation is generally a good idea.

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We live in a world that considers itself in a state of moral flux. That is, right and wrong are thought of as not concrete but change as society develops. In such a society, it is common for even Christians to wonder whether sex outside of marriage is okay. If you ask different people, you will get different answers.

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Since I speak and write books on sex, I get asked questions—a lot of questions. The most common questions relate to "what's okay in the bedroom? What about anal sex?

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Couples often ask, "Is oral sex a sin? Hebrews says, "Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral. Non-married couples are not to practice premarital sex.

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W hen it comes to sex, most married Christians just do what works for them. If they have been blessed enough to have discovered something that brings satisfaction, pleasure, closeness, and climax, they most likely will continue that practice. However, some are plagued with guilt because they wonder if what they're doing is sinful.

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You can listen to our conversation in full on iTunes or Stitcheror read the edited version below. Dani: I love the title, because it makes it very clear what the book is about. Bromleigh: I grew up in the United Methodist church, and there are certainly parts of the denomination that are more steeped in conservation social values around sexuality.

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In other words, what is not okay in bed? We read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and compiled a list of every scriptural reference to sex. As we reviewed our list it became apparent that God gives tremendous sexual freedom within the marriage relationship.

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Hello Ernest. I have a question. We are all born again.


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