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Former porn star Mia Khalifa, who's breast implant was 'deflated' when she was hit by a rogue hockey puck during a game this past summer, has undergone surgery to repair the damaged implant. She shared a few posts on her Instagram Story prior to the surgery as well as after when she was being looked after by her boyfriend. Former adult film actress Mia Khalifa has undergone surgery to repair a breast implant that was damaged by a rogue puck at a hockey game in the summer of

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Porn actress Mary Carey blows kisses at photographers at the world premiere of "Man of the Year" at Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood October 4, Carey, who shot to fame by running for California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger, unveiled plans on Tuesday to auction off her autographed, recently removed breast implants for charity. Carey said the size D implants were taken out two weeks ago and replaced with larger DDDs and while under anesthesia she realized they could be used to raise money for breast cancer research.

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Ah, the joys of enhancing your looks and hiding the ugly truth. Today no-one really cares whether you have fake or real boobs, as long as they look good. From success stories of ugliest pornstars becoming mediocre sluts after the breast enlargement to mediocre looking gold-diggers landing rich husbands due to the silicone injections.

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But I feel like this is one of those subjects that needs to have a little conversation. Especially since there are so many young people getting plastic surgery now-a-days. I have an ass.

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Sign in. R 94 min Comedy. A series of interconnected short films follows a washed-up producer as he pitches insane story lines featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

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Khalifa was attending the NHL Eastern Conference finals between the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning when the deflected puck was sent flying over the glass, slamming into her left breast. A post shared by Mia K. The ex-Porn Hub legend later revealed that she would need surgery to remove the implant which was damaged by the powerful shot.

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After receiving her breast implants in an experimental surgery, Esmeralda, a dog of unknown breed, chewed at the stitches until they had to be removed. The operation was still deemed a success, and the surgeons, Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin, began searching for a way to test the procedure on a human female. Lindsey received her breast implants more than 50 years ago, but national statistics on the procedure have only been collected on a yearly basis since the late s.

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German porn star Carolin Berger was only 23 when she died during a breast augmentation operation earlier this month. Based on news reports, she sought out so many surgeries to stay on the media's radar screen. Doesn't seem worth it. CBS reports that the docs who performed the surgery are being charged with negligent manslaughter, while also asserting that "the cause of death is unclear," and that no autopsy has been performed yet.

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Top-heavy Elizabeth Starr fears her banned boob job will kill her after her breasts ballooned to a whopping O cup. The adult film star had now-illegal 'string' breast implants 15 years ago to boost her career - but says her life has been ruined by her super-sized chest. Doctors have recommended Elizabeth face a double mastectomy rather than live with her ticking time bomb implants.

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Adult entertainer Elizabeth Starr had previously shared fears that her whopping seven-pint implants could kill her. But the mum-of-two, who has had over 60 cosmetic procedures, previously refused to have anything done about her "string" implants, which are now illegal. But the year-old, from LA, California, has finally been forced to seek help after her huge cc boobs started to leak.