Identifying vintage boise speakers 901

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It is purely subjective, based on my having been intimately involved in the speaker market—both as a fanatical enthusiast and as a speaker industry professional—since the early s. Not necessarily agreed with, but at least considered. One other thing up front: This is an American-centric article.

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There may be no singular product in modern audio history that has generated more accolades, derision, or pure controversy than the Bose loudspeaker. Introduced in by a then four-year-old concern named after its MIT-educated founder, the neither looked, nor sounded, like any speaker that had come before it. With its pentagonal cabinet that faced eight of its nine identical 4-inch, full-range drivers at the reflecting wall behind the speaker, its designer Amar Bose sought to have it mimic the way we hear in concert halls and imbue its sound with a giant soundstage and spatial realism that was unsurpassed.

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Bose Series I Active Equalizers came in two varieties, which can be used interchangeably, but have fairly different circuit designs. Both have the same faceplate. Most of the Early Production models came with a solid wood case instead of the veneered particle board the second run used.

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Part One. Other than using a green sharpie to get better CD sound, or that guy that calls you on the phone and osmotically makes your system sound better, no greater myth exists in audio today than that of the Bose speakers. Much like Bigfoot, have you even seen a pair of Bose speakers or, better yet, heard them? My Fiat Sport has a Bose sound system, and yes, it possesses admirable bass extension so there!

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By nacradriverMay 7, in General Anarchy. I hooked them up and all seems to be working but the speakers drivers per the owner will eventually need to be re-coned the foam around the speaker. Has anyone taken on a project like this?

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By tonyleeusaMay 11, in Other Speakers and Electronics. Can anyone show me how to identify Bose The label in the front under the grill says: ModelM. Also, do these have to be used with the equalizer designed specifically for them?

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Somewhere along the way the equalizer got lost, but I have an old Kenwood equalizer. Can I use that instead? Is the Bose equalizer really that important?

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User Name Remember Me? I pretty much know the general consensus about newer Bose speakers, but what about the vintage stuff? Were they good and went downhill, or have they always been about the same? Find all posts by RockSolid


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