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Report of natural gas leak prompts evacuations at Atlanta charter school. An Iowa jury on Tuesday heard the graphic, heart-wrenching details of the death of a baby found dead in an infant swing last year. ZacharyKoehn - Now, prosecution opening statement.

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A 24 year-old photographer lives as a full-time adult baby — and even poops and pees in special adult baby diapers he buys online. The snapper, called David, embraced the adult baby diaper lover ABDL community five years ago after a tough childhood which saw his parents abandon him aged five. David, who lives in a southern US state, spent 13 years in care, and says spending his days eating baby food, watching cartoons and playing with toys helps soothe the trauma of that difficult time.

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A high school biology teacher spends his free time as a diaper-wearing adult baby to battle the memories of his abusive childhood. Dillian Blake, 21, discovered the adult baby diaper lovers ABDL community inand quickly realized he enjoyed dressing up as children aged three to seven. Dillian, who suffered emotional and physical abuse between the ages of five and 13, says dressing as a child makes him feel safe and secure.

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While it may sound like a weird sexual fetish, facts about adult babies describe a misunderstood community. What does it mean to be an adult baby? What are they into, aside from the obvious?

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There was a consensus among some people who read OWED's letter and saw a women who repulsed by the idea of having sex with other men, and her husband who was badgering her for 10 years to do so. It would seem that Dan is reminding us what it sounds like when a someone actually does not want to engage in their partners kink, and that he gives level-headed advice to these letter writers. Of course, one can also see a cautionary tale in which BA is the older wiser OWED, who agreed to engage in a kink not her own to indulge her partner only to see her graciousness trashed by a selfish partner.

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JESS sits quietly in her playpen sucking on a dummy. I like to do art, I like to sing — just normal things. Jess continues to highlight that her relationship is perfectly normal and gives the couple an extra spark.

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These pictures show the inside of a bizarre adult baby fetish nursery, where clients pay to wear man-sized nappies, sleep in cots, and even sit in a high chair to eat meals. Husband Derek insists the controversial fetish is nothing to do with sex, or children. This is my relaxant.

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Verified by Psychology Today. In Excess. Up untilthere were only three published case studies on infantilism all in the American Journal of Psychiatry between and

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Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Courtesy Photos. Q: I've been married to my husband for two years.

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As an 'adult baby', year-old Jess doesn't necessarily lead the life that many people can relate to, regressing to childhood with giant dummies, diapers, baby-grows and toys. On her YouTube channelwhich has more thansubscribers, Jess regularly posts videos about her life as an adult baby and a 'l ittle' - including insight to everything from her bedtime routine and her nursery at home through to clothing hauls and her relationship with her boyfriend, Stephen. But Jess also believes that 'n o one is defined by their kinks', and that while many people may struggle to comprehend her lifestyle, it's actually more 'normal' than they might think.


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