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Attaining the GED would be no easy feat for this mother of four who dropped out of school when she was sixteen. Fortunately for Alma, her children stepped up and volunteered to tutor her in preparation for the exam. Miller is one of eleven adult learners who recently met with Secretary Arne Duncan and Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education Brenda Dann-Messier at the Department of Education ED to share their stories and make recommendations on how ED can improve services offered to adult learners.

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Queens College offers programs with more flexible hours for adult students. Photo by Muhammad Ghouri via Flickr. CUNY, however, is trying to turn the back-to-school idea upside down, launching efforts to court older adult learners who may have dropped out of college in the past.

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What is similar about every adult who goes back to school is that they each took the first step to pick up the phone or send an email so they could start the process of getting their degree. Below you will find a few truly inspirational stories of some of the adult students we have had the privilege to meet and work with. We hope that their stories inspire you to take the next step.

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Emmanuel came to the Center from Ghana in He worked diligently to prepare for it and along the way learned how to make a snowman, which he had never done before! In June he passed his test and is now attending Onondaga Community College!

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Advisers have heard it all. While schools are making it more convenient than ever for adults to return to college many would-be students have a prepared list of roadblocks -- some realistic, some not -- that are holding them back. Administrators respond to five of the most common myths many adults have about returning to school.

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And even small-seeming details, like the last college class of the day running a little late, caused crises. Michael Moore, the vice president for academic affairs for the University of Arkansas system, noted that his state had ranked 49th in the nation for adults with postsecondary education. To reduce hassles, the Arkansas university charges adults one standard rate for credit hours.

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Narrative and stories in education have been the focus of increasing attention in recent years. The idea of narrative is fertile ground for adult educators who know intuitively the value of stories in teaching and learning. Narrative is deeply appealing and richly satisfying to the human soul, with an allure that transcends cultures, centuries, ideologies, and academic disciplines.

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Annette became interested in the phlebotomist program at New Bridge workforce training center in Cleveland in the fall of She began attending the Aspire KeyTrain remediation course to improve the necessary math and reading skills for the phlebotomy program. After several months of diligent hard work, she passed the WorkKeys test and was accepted into the phlebotomy program at NewBridge.

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Elissa Nadworny. Camille Phillips. Mallory Noe-Payne.

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Yoav at 6 months, 9 months and 15 months. Courtesy: Tali Israeli. Soon, he will begin taking classes in his major, aerospace engineering. His progression from a toddler who could barely function into an enterprising, well-functioning young man with a bright future is a testament to parental love and modern medicine.