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Wondering how to shave your own head? Shaving your hair is a great solution to a balding head. Make sure you have the right supplies.

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A full head of hair on a man has long been associated with vitality and virility — think of the Biblical hero Samson, whose strength was in his tresses. But new research suggests that when balding sets in, men might do better to just shave it off. Call it the Bruce Willis effect: men with shorn heads are seen as more dominant, confident and masculine than men with hair, according to a new study published online in July in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

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Head shaving is the practice of shaving the hair from a person's head. At different times and places people have shaved all or part of their heads for very diverse reasons including practicality, convenience, low maintenance, fashionstylereligioncultureand aesthetics. The earliest historical records describing head shaving originated in ancient Mediterranean cultures, such as EgyptGreeceand Rome.

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So, you want to shave your head. Good on you. A shaved head can add a rugged, tough edge to any guy's style—all without any change to his wardrobe.

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At least that's the finding from a new research project which suggests that men who take the preemptive step of shaving their head appear tougher and more powerful than others. Greek soldiers during the reign of Alexander the Great were ordered to shave their heads as a defensive measure — to stop enemies from grabbing their hair in hand-to-hand combat. Since then — a shaved head has become a symbol of aggression and toughness.

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A shaved head can look straight-up badass. It really can. While there are many reasons one might come to consider shaving their hair off—balding, receding hairlines, thinning strands—there's really no bad one.

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Below, we discuss whether you should shave or buzz your head, and if so, how often and the best way. Bald heads are more common than ever, so there must be plenty of reasons to shave your head. Probably the most popular reason to shave your head is to hide male pattern baldness.

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Do you hang on to every hair you have left, or bite the bullet and shave your head? I shave my head. I distinctly remember the rainy afternoon in which I stared sadly into the reflection of a storefront window and realized that it had to go. All of it.

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Taking the plunge to shave your head completely bald can be a huge undertaking for some men, it was definitely for me as I wrote about it here. Any SPF protection greater than 50 may receive diminishing effects. I went to the skincare store that is right around the corner from me to pick up some grooming products and was told about this sunscreen, Supergoopfrom the friendly staff there.

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Men's reasons for shaving their heads range from hiding hair loss to religious devotion to uniform regulations. But there are a few reasons why every guy should at least consider trying it out. Ihsaan Ali of The StyleJumper knows a thing or two about rocking the shaved head.


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