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We have selected some of the best Tantra teachers in the world to design a full Tantric immersion experience for you. They have built a beautiful Shiva-Shakti temple there, and are since more than 2 years immersed in their Tantric Process, of melting the Male and Female energies and enjoying their Divine Union. In May they have come out of their retreat looking forward to sharing their experience with the world.

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Bill and Susie McKay grew up in the same small Southern town. His father was a military man ; hers was a Baptist preacher. Duty was an important word in both of their households, and it applied to just about everything—including sex.

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I'm often asked what's the difference between sex therapy and coaching, and where Tantra fits in. In a nutshell, Sex Therapy fixes sexual dysfunctions to make people sexually functional. Sex and Relationship Coaching, takes functional people and makes them exceptional.

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Spirituele thuisstudies Nationaal en Internationaal. This is a professional training programfrom the ROSS. This is a path of personal and spiritual realization.

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In Asia, the term tantra refers to a particular type of teaching within the Vedic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions. In the Western world, tantra is often misinterpreted and confused for sacred sexuality. Tantric teachings are esoteric and most teachings are passed on through direct transmission from teacher to student.

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Read that sentence again. To climax she just channels her breath and squeezes her PC muscles. But inviting someone to a tantric sex workshop is tricky.

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Sadly, some of its practitioners abuse their power. TANTRA is one of those things that when dropped into conversation can leave people blushing and imagining steamy scenes from the Kama Sutra. The ancient Hindu or Buddhist practice dates back something like 5, years and combines mantras, meditation, yoga and ritual with the aim to prolong lovemaking and find deeper connections and tenderness with not just your lover, but with yourself and in all of your relationships.

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A woman who teaches tantric sex to singles and couples has revealed she turned to the ancient practice as a way to reboot her life after years of working an erotic masseuse left her burnt out. Georgia Rose, 27, from PerthWestern Australia, has been helping people to embrace the path of tantra - a spiritual practice with love at its core - for the past two years. Her calling for what has now become her the vocation came after she visited a tantric retreat in Bali, looking for a way to restore and 'rebalance' her energy.

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Tantra, tantric courses Tantric massage Bioenergetics Shamanism Magical power places Sexuality and power. His aim is to create a team of teachers who continue his work as he slowly reduces his own teaching time and focuses more on writing and enjoying the other aspects of life. The goal is to have teachers who deeply understand what they are teaching, both experientially, psychologically and philosophically.

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General sex coaching, Tantric sex teaching consultations, practical workshops and courses on Tantric sex in London, UK. My approach to sex coaching is highly practical and effective, allowing you to make big shifts immediately. I provide sex coaching for couples in a variety of formats — talks, workshops and Skype consultations.


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