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And some of the biggest concerns revolve around what happens to the vagina - tearing, cutting or simply not returning to how it was before are all worries many women have. The truth is that our vaginas are built to bear children and adapt accordingly. This is normal, and the swelling and openness should start to reduce a few days after your baby is born.

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One of the most common questions new parents often ask is in regards to the diapering care of their brand new babies. Some parents have actually never changed a diaper before, it's important to go over all aspects of diapering a baby. One situation frequently surprises new parents—when they peel back that first diaper on their baby girl and find what looks a lot like bloody discharge coming from their daughter's vagina.

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Naturally, after a woman has given birth, her vagina changes. It may feel enlarged or wider. It may also feel sore and even dry.

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If not on late-night television, at least to each other. Here, six women on their post-baby vaginas. What I do remember, though, is what happened at my six-week postpartum appointment.

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Not everyone tears during delivery. In fact, we know that if the perineum the tissue surrounding your vaginal opening is cared for during birth, we can reduce the risks of tearing by quite a bit. Sometimes even with caregivers giving lots of support and allowing lots of time, we can have some tearing.

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They occur while she is growing in her mother's womb. Female reproductive organs include the vaginaovaries, uterus, and cervix. A baby starts to develop its reproductive organs between weeks 4 and 5 of pregnancy.

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Read more. Read clinical updates and the latest insights from Boston Children's specialists. Learn more.

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The biggest cause of prolapse is pregnancy and birth, though a number of other factors such as family history, lifestyle and certain medical conditions can also cause prolapse. Treatment can vary from simple lifestyle changes to surgery. The biggest cause of prolapse is pregnancy and birth — almost one in two or 50 per cent of women who have been pregnant will have some kind of prolapse.

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It looks like you're in. Click below to go to the correct store for your country. No matter how you give birth…vaginal or caesarean, at home or in a hospital, after 36 hours of labor or a single blink-and-you-missed-it push…your body is going to experience some uncomfortable—or painful—after-effects.

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Will your perineum the tissue between the vaginal opening and the rectum stretch or tear on its own? Or will your practitioner deem it necessary to do an episiotomy an incision in the perineum to allow the baby to come out that's done fairly rarely these days? And how long will it take for your vagina to heal after delivery? Just as every labor and delivery is different, so is every woman.


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