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Judith Margaret Myers November 10, - October 31, is a character who first appears in the original Halloweenwhere she is portrayed by Sandy Johnson. She is most famous for being the very first human victim of the Butcherer of Haddonfield, her little brother Michael Myers. Her brother Michael was born inand her sister Cynthia was born in

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The original Halloween was just classy. That was the only note I had to make before I started writing this post. About 10 minutes into the remake, I could safely say that the original Halloween was so much better.

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Just how scary and violent is the new Halloween movie? Halloween is a classic horror franchise and Michael Myers one of the biggest slasher icons of all time, and it's fair to say the reboot more than honors that legacy. Halloween is a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original, ignoring all nine previous sequels and remakes.

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For those daring enough to revisit the long-running saga of Michael Myers say, via AMC's broadcast of the first six films this weekthere's one moment that will show up as frequently as its villain rises from the dead: that of Michael Myers silently and menacingly materializing behind an intended victim. It's the series' signature image, and one that occurs so frequently that we at Esquire thought it fitting to pay tribute by compiling every single frame from the franchise in which the Haddonfield-hailing serial killer suddenly appears in back of a clueless or, in some cases, terrified-to-tears innocent. It's a testament to Michael's stealthy terror that might have you looking over your shoulder this Halloween. Halloween John Carpenter's classic follows Michael Myers as he returns home to Haddonfield, Illinois, to finish off his family and anyone who gets in his way on Halloween.

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On shortlists of favorite Halloween movies, the entries that consistently crop up all tend to share a sense of abiding innocence underneath the spookiness. The Halloween movie is distinctly different than horror movies, defined not just by their atmosphere of fear or — here it comes — atmosfear but by their engagement with the specifics of the holiday and what it means to those who celebrate it. If the aforementioned films are like trick-or-treating in their sense of vampy childlike fun, then House on Bare Mountain is the booze-fueled bacchanal that the parents throw once all the little ones have been tucked into bed.

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The Michael Myers "Halloween" saga continues with this look at the mass murderer's dysfunctional life around age 10, which presumably explains his subsequent behavior. Directed by Rob Zombie. A woman wearing a thong and a bikini top bare buttocks, abdomen, thighs and cleavage are visible dances around a pole at an exotic dance club while men watch her -- another dancer's bare breasts are also visible.

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While John Carpenter's Halloween didn't invent the slasher genre 's Bay of Blood and 's Black Christmas came before itit help make it a commercial force. Along with Friday the 13thCarpenter's movie set the rules and conventions for what would soon become briefly-lived but extremely profitable sub-genre in the s, with dozens of cheaply made imitations appearing almost weekly. And while Carpenter had very little further involvement in the series, the movie's producers knew that in Michael Myers--aka the Shapethey had a classic horror villain, so the sequels, reboots, and remakes have kept on coming.

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Premiering inHalloween was a low-budget film that changed the world. Written and directed by novice filmmaker John Carpenter, featuring virtually no famous actors, and shot in the span of 20 days, the film somehow managed to revolutionize a genre and spawn a series of sequels that is still producing to this day. The Halloween movies have inspired a cult following, so what magic transpired behind the scenes to make these films?

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Halloween is a great time to be a horror movie buff. For a few weeks every year, cinemas, movie channels and video stores cater exactly to your tastes and you get to feel normal for awhile, and get a few good deals on scary DVDs to boot. People like me who get excited about poring over the cheapie bins for bargain-priced cult classics should be positively ecstatic about the October programming at the Vancity Theatre -- the amazingly comfortable and classy high point of Vancouver cinemas, which houses film festival fare year round and regularly hosts some of the most exciting events in town for cinephiles. As Charity notes, there will also be Vancouver's first official Day of the Dead event -- and no, we're not talking about saying hello to your Aunt Aliciawe're talking the Mexican festival in honour of the departed -- with a screening of the Mexican film Macariomore on which below.


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