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Here it is! This is the audio recording of a webinar web-based seminar presented by Rev. The discussion centered upon the use of energy visualization or manifestation as a means of creating orgasms.

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Misty sat down as Hypno raised its pendulum, swinging it back and forth while repeating its name over and over, which made Misty feel her mind relax as the item glowed. However, unable to break her gaze from the pendulum, she soon felt light headed, while her mind began to cloud and all her thoughts, feelings and memories began to fade as her eyes dulled and glazed over. The Hypno then stopped, in which Misty didn't feel like herself anymore, evident as she began to clap her hands together while saying 'Seel' repetitively.

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View High Qual. Hypnotized orgasm Samantha pt 6. Tags: real cute orgasm hypnosis hypnotized hypnogirls.

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It was a nice spring day and I decided to go for a walk in town to see what fashion women were wearing this year. I needed to do some new cloths shopping and this was how I liked to do it. I laughed to myself as some women paraded around in the most disgusting colors, patterns or ill-fitting skirts or pants suits there could be.

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Get Instant Access. I told my friend 'The Hypnotist' from Toronto about what I did with hypnosis and thinkoff. He said "You don't have to go through all the trouble of explaining to them what's going to happen.

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I am a spiral-slave. Originally posted by konczakowski. I love spirals.

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Accept it, acknowledge it, embrace it, only I can trigger this submissive ecstasy, a Subconscious Takeover, whenever you listen to My voice and surrender to My Absolute Authority. This is your reality, My slave, My loving domination in hypnosis stripping away your resistance as My will overwhelms your weak submissive mind. Like a true force of nature it blows away your thoughts until you are nothing, lost in Oblivion, blank and empty, ready for more deep hypnotic conditioning by your sexy seductive Domina, your Queen of Domination.

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I was sitting in my office going over a few notes I had taken after having met with the last scheduled appointment of the day. Working as a marriage counselor had its interesting moments to say the least. And this one had proven to be just that.

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So, most of this is crossposting my response to the thread on the Hypnosis Technique Exchange with some bits added in for the blog. I am assuming it is her that you saw, but my impression is that it is not really anything all that new in that hypnotists and tantra practitioners have been doing that sort of things for at least a few centuries and in the past fifty or so years the hypnotists have been getting very good at their own approaches. It is even nicer that reputable scientists have started doing even more. As noted before, Carrellas is getting good press for doing something that many of us have known about and done for years.


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