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A few chemo drugs can be present in small amounts in semen. You may want to use condoms while you are getting chemo and for about 2 weeks afterward. Some types of radiation treatment require special precautions for a certain amount of time, too.

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Chlamydia affects as many as million people worldwide each year, which equates to about 1. According to the CDC, chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States. Due to the large number of people affected, chlamydia has become a global health concern.

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Such perspectives and allied social sexual scripts can have considerable consequences on the sexuality and sexual health of older teens and college-aged populations. Over half Response rates across demographic groups are presented and factors that influence such perspectives are examined.

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This Transitions is also available in [ PDF ] format. A special report in Family Planning Perspectives looks at the extent to which adolescent sexual activity consists or does not consist of oral intercourse and how adolescents view oral sex. Much of the 'research' to date has been reported by the popular press. Stories, such as one in The Washington Postdescribe new suburban fads to regularly engage in oral sex at one another's homes, in parks, and at school.

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Jump to content. This factsheet summarises some of the key points of UK law relating to sexual behaviour. It does not constitute legal advice.

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There are many different words for it, for example, oral sex on a penis is sometimes called 'fellatio', 'blowjob', 'sucking off', 'giving head' or 'going down'. Giving a woman oral sex on her vulva is also known as 'giving head' and 'going down' as well as 'cunnilingus', 'eating out' or 'licking out'. Oral sex on the anus is known as 'analingus' or 'rimming'.

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T wo articles in December's Family Planning Perspectives —both extensively reported in the New York Times and USA Today —might make you think that the nation's teens have just started to indulge in new, dangerous sexual practices that require a forceful response from public health officials. But look closer, and you'll see that the articles are less about health than politics. Unquestionably, the sexual behavior the two articles depict is profoundly disturbing.

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Though people have gradually become more open when it comes to talking about sex, there are still a few topics that have a flurry of misinformation around them. One of those topics is oral sex. To help you further your sex education, here at some myths - debunked by professionals - that you need to let go of now. Oral sex has often been counted out when it comes to the safe sex talk.

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Error: This is required. Error: Not a valid value. Mouth sores can be caused by many things.

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Think about it: Oral sex puts you into contact with skin and body fluids—semen, vaginal fluids, blood, urine, feces, breast milk—any of which can contain disease-causing viruses or bacteria… And spitting out these fluids will not protect you from infection. Simple acts like shaving too close and flossing leave tiny cuts that can allow viruses and bacteria to enter the body. Sexually transmitted infections STIs that can be passed from one partner to another through oral sex include herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphillis and Human papillomavirus HPV. There are many brands, styles, types and flavors to choose from, so experiment to find one that works for you.


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