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By Heather Waugh for MailOnline. Members of the Parents Television Council are outraged following last week's episode of Sons Of Anarchy, which opened with some extremely graphic sex scenes. The three minute long sequence, which featured hunky actor Charlie Hunnam and his bare behind, was meant to be a montage showing the emotional states and relationships of the key characters.

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Got a scoop request? Question: Any scoops about Homeland? Hit the comments!

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The actor, who was replaced by Jamie Dornan in the lead role, has admitted that he suffered a breakdown after he struggled to keep on top of his hectic filming schedule. I just had like Frankly, something of a nervous breakdown.

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Almost one week after the FX series aired a graphic sex montage featuring several major castmembers yes, Charlie Hunnam was includedthe Parents Television Council is voicing their outrage. The scene featured six couples participating in various sexual acts including one character giving herself solo pleasure. Fans also got to see Hunnam's bare butt in clear view. While some fans found the nearly three-minute long clip just a normal part of the FX series, critics thought otherwise.

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Tonight December 9after seven long years and seemingly numerous gory deaths, " Sons of Anarchy " will take its eagerly anticipated "final ride. Now, before you hit the comment section to yell at me about objectification, realize that objectifying female bodies on TV -- cable and network -- has been the norm since the dawn of time. Yes, even you, "Game of Thrones.

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In person, Charlie Hunnam is pensive and brutally handsome, with a chiseled face and piercing eyes. He wears a dark blue cable-knit sweater over a white T-shirt and jeans, a nondescript choice, possibly on purpose. We meet in West Hollywood at one of his favorite haunts, Greenblatt's Deli, and sit across from each other in the upstairs dining area.

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Jax Teller is now president of the club; Bobby Munson is still in prison; Clay Morrow is out of hospital, but still recovering from his gunshot wounds at the hands of Opie; Gemma is seen having sex with an unknown man in a room where other naked women are asleep; and the club members believe the One-Niners killed Piney and shot Clay. While transporting cocaine, the Sons are ambushed by members of the One-Niners who force a truck driven by Phil off the road and set it afire. He is removed from the burning vehicle, as is the cocaine, and a brief gunfight takes place before the One-Niners flee the scene.

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Instead we were given relationship moments, a plan that finally went right, and an Abel-centric plot development worthy of a mic drop. In the short time before the theme song, the sex alone seemed to reiterate exactly where each of our characters are this late in the game. Speaking of Tig and Venus, their scenes together and the exploration of their relationship were of the highest caliber.

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It goes without saying that Sons of Anarchy fans are also Charlie Hunnam fans, and those fans. Barclay was asked about what the most fun part of shooting the often-violent show was, and Barclay surprised everyone by talking about how funny it was to shoot sex scenes starring Hunnam. He explained: "He's entertaining when he's doing a sex scene, because he's not — how do I say it nice?

The year is winding down with some good TV news: The amoral biker-gang drama "Sons of Anarchy" has ended its seven-year run on the cable channel FX, after a final season drenched in pointless sex and violence. Jax, the leader of the gang, shot a bunch of his enemies dead and then drove his motorcycle straight into the oncoming grill of a semi truck. The show wound down into a relentless deathfest.


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