Augmentation breast massage

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Objective: Capsular contracture, the most common complication following breast augmentation with implants, is a complex inflammatory reaction that ultimately leads to fibrosis at the contact site between the implant and tissue. A number of peri- pre- and postoperative techniques have been postulated and implemented by many surgeons to reduce the incidence of capsular contracture. Breast massage and implant displacement technique is a commonly recommended practice that has not been well studied in regard to capsular contracture prevention.

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One thing you can do to improve your healing process and protect against capsular contracture — which is the tightening of scar tissues around your implants, causing them to feel firm instead of soft and natural — is to practice breast massage after your Omaha breast augmentation surgery. Read below as Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery Center provides tips on massaging your breasts after your breast augmentation surgery.

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This allows the incisions to heal completely without undue pressure put on them. We recommend avoiding massage for at least 6 weeks after your surgery. Let me explain why.

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Ramona French owned a massage school and taught massage for 28 years. In that time she wrote textbooks on Swedish, acupressure, deep tissue and lymph drainage massage. Massage after breast augmentation surgery can help speed healing of the incision and help produce the best outcome.

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The purpose of breast massage after breast augmentation surgery with implants is to prevent irregular thick tissue formation or capsular contracture characterized by a hard breast or abnormal breast shape. Place yourself in a sitting or standing position. Doing it while lying down is not recommended because this position cannot provide efficient pressure to the breast.

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in more thanwomen had breast augmentation surgeryand more thanbreast cancer patients received reconstruction after a mastectomy, often with implants. With the increasing popularity and necessity of this surgery, more patients are experiencing a variety of complications related to the implants, to the surgery itself, or to the process of convalescence. One of the most commonly reported complications is an immune system response known as capsular contracture.

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Sometimes, no matter how skilled a patient's plastic surgeon is, complications arise during or after surgery. This is the case because everyone's body is different. The composition of connective tissue varies widely from one patient to another, for instance, and this means that each patient's healing process is entirely unique.

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Breast augmentation recovery is generally a fairly straightforward process, with minimal discomfort and relatively little downside. Regular breast massage can help settle and soften the implant as well as lower the risk of capsular contracture. Implants usually take some time to settle into your body.

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After breast augmentation surgery, your immune system will respond to the foreign materials inserted into your chest. The capsule is made from interwoven collagen fibers, or scar tissue. This tightening can squeeze the implant, making it feel hard and painful to touch.

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After you have a breast augmentationat first the breasts will appear very full. During this initial period, your body will develop a capsule around the implants, which is a natural immune response. Your immune system is responding to the implants in your chest because they are foreign, non-living materials. These capsules are made up of scar tissue or collagen fibers and form over a period of about three weeks.


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