Laser penetration into skin

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Penetration depth of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared radiation in biological tissue has not previously been adequately measured. Risk assessment of typical intense pulsed light and laser intensities, spectral characteristics and the subsequent chemical, physiological and psychological effects of such outputs on vital organs as consequence of inappropriate output use are examined. This technical note focuses on wavelength, illumination geometry and skin tone and their effect on the energy density fluence distribution within tissue.

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As opposed to white light which contains a broad range of wavelengths, laser light has a specific wavelength. The unit used to measure wavelength is nanometer nm. Much research has been done to investigate how melanin, blood, fat and water absorb light and this has lead researchers to define a window or range of wavelengths through which light can penetrate biological tissue.

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Since their first appearance inlasers have been seen as potentially useful light sources for medical applications, because they have three characteristics which distinguish them from conventional light sources: their directivity, the ability to use them in pulsed mode, and their monochromaticity. Directivity, i. Very short emission times pulsed mode from milliseconds to femtoseconds 10 -3 to 10 sdeliver extremely high instantaneous power which can be as high as Gigawatts 10 9 Wwith different tissue effects than one obtains with continuous exposures. Emission of a single colour, a property known as monochromaticity, allows the use of a laser beam to produce wavelength -selective effects, as an alternative to using a filtered broad-band light source, which is inefficient.

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An LED, or light-emitting diode, is basically a special light bulb that only gives off light at a certain wavelength, or color. These light waves can penetrate deep into the skin and cause reactions within the skin. Different wavelengths produce different results, but the three most popular ones used in skin care are blue, red and near-infrared.

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The percentage of energy penetration for each wavelength was determined through skin before and after clipping and then shaving of hair, through shaved skin over SDFTs, and through shaved skin, SDFTs, and DDFTs positioned in anatomically correct orientation. Influence of hair color; skin preparation, color, and thickness; and wavelength on energy penetration were assessed. Clipping or shaving of skin improved energy penetration.

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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. Lasers in Medical Science. Penetration depth of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared radiation in biological tissue has not previously been adequately measured.

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Skin is the largest organ of the body and, as such, is at the greatest risk for coming in contact with the laser beam. The most likely skin surfaces to be exposed to the beam are the hands, head, or arms. Lasers can harm the skin via photochemical or thermal burns.

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Laser radiation is an optical radiation that can either be visible or invisible. If the wavelength of a laser beam is nm nanometresthe beam is visible to the human eye. But when the environment air is clean from flying dust and other particles, the beam itself may not be visible, except for the mirror point on the targeted object. Invisible laser radiation is mostly infrared radiation, but UV-lasers also exist.


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