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Does anybody remember when Jake bought a dybbuk box? Hey, Jacobson, u got me to tear up when u surprize Tristan with the jetski that's y I said long ago that u 3 are my heroes in wetsuits, and also angels among us thank u so much u 3 guys Ronny in Lakeland Fl Uh i pick shacreama because i feel bad for u collins xD Wtf you're in my area I live 25 min from Nashville lmao I will become Indian motorcycle Racer. I Hope this change of heart and your thinking is genuine Now you sound more logical and rational i am glad that your polarized polaroids have been shattered good for you and good for us as viewers We would have flat suns We would have a flat moon and flat planets We would have flat meteors, asteroids and comets Balls would not be round being flat Our bodies would be flat too as well as everything else We would see flat dogs, horses and birds etc There would be no such thing as the dark side of the moon That is not the case Flat earth people are not thinking Their minds are in two dimensions not three Their world is a flat piece of paper There is no up on a flat piece of paper The flat earth peoples minds are in some kind of weird animation thinking the planets and suns are flat Can you imagine the flat earthers mind being animated?

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Pulldown to refresh. I take offense that you would even ask if I would? Look at her body type… she has no choice but to like black guys.

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Star Wars Theory used Threaten! Choose a new Fan Film? I dont know if i can watch this version the bit with his mum n the make up broke my heart xxxx.

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See reputation activity. The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users. VolleBluseLady replied to Humankid 's question in Requests.

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Where to find your dads porn stach community free dating site Can anyone tell me what are they taking in their viens? Og squad? Btw Im late.

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My favorite product is the sauna!! That is so freaking cool lol, the foot bath was a joke oh my! I got to get my hands on that Detective Pikachu set!

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He's such an awesome person and brilliant actor Idea for your cannel who get out of the pool win 1, I'm a sphinx! No Rly ;-; I got exactly Desire sex womens I feel like he's gonna be anti hero to the series. In the end, it makes no sense in the video So Halsey, why the man in the crow suit with the card?.

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I would binge watch this to death! Thank you Star Wars Theory! Genetically engineered sperm I really loved how they added that theme when she stood up Also I would love to see more moments of Jodie taking control, I like her and I think she's really got potential to be a better Doctor wasn't huge fan of 12 until his 2nd series so please let her have those moments.

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You should do a video ranking Natural disasters in terms of damage and long term effects on the planet Would be interesting Honest Guide, thanks for everything you are doing for Prague Why are people so ignorant about what they are doing Looks like a beautiful city Because of your videos it is now a place I want to visit I feel like fried omlet in icing would probably taste like cake if not it would just taste good Could you do this but with no nudes? Itd be interesting to see what color the rest made! This feels like it would be either an SCP or an unused area in a videogame this also reminds me of the tv world from persona 4.

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Nude photos dina meyer I never wanna speak about this game ever again Dude the moment number one starts playing I was like this is totally Silent Hill Only no burning town and fucked up monstersOh, wait There are and Alyssa is a dude, also they're not dead Hey reporting the facts and smudges the details fucking do it That entire town has probably so many fucking skeletons in their closet that must of them probably had it coming What goes around comes around bitch!. South China Sea high tension created by whom? I live in mauritius and the city's name is Bel Air what a coincidence These are not good indicators, know the snakes of your area If it has cat eyes and a triangle head, it is a viper, which is deadly But not all deadly snakes are vipers. Free cum drinker videos Oof ok try tater tots and apple sauce ik it sound weird but also a ham sandwich with Doritos on it Is it bad I heard the kids bop version of some of these before the real song?


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