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Understanding why your child has picked up this peculiar habit can help you determine if and when you need to intervene. Toddlers bang their heads for different reasons, so before you can change the behavior, you need to find its cause. In other cases, many toddlers actually turn to head banging to relieve pain; the discomfort of the banging may help distract them from the discomfort of teething or ear infections.

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February 05, This week on the blog my subject choice comes straight up from one of my online smartmommas who asked me to talk about head banging in kids. And not heavy metal music loving, black eyeliner wearing teenagers either.

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They can sometimes express these feelings through aggressive behaviour towards other children. They might hit, kick, throw objects or hurt themselves — for example, by head-banging. Our article on managing challenging behaviour in children with autism spectrum disorder ASD explains how to do this.

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We are having a problem with our 18 month old son hitting his head when he is frustrated or can't have what he wants. He will head butt us or just hit us if we tell him no, and he will hit his head, really hard, on anything around him, including hard surfaces like the floor or tables etc. I try to not react to tantrums like this, but I'm worried about him hurting himself.

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Head banging and body rocking are types of rhythmic movement disorder that usually involve some type of repetitive stereotypical whole body or limb rocking, rolling, or head banging behaviors. These behaviors are usually seen in children around naptime and bedtime and may recur after awakenings throughout the night. Body rocking and head banging may occur at the same time.

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When children develop a habit of head banging, their parents are often concerned. They express fear that this habit might hurt their child, perhaps even causing brain damage. The unspoken fear is that their child might have autism.

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My 9 year old has a diagnosis of ADHD. He has recently started biting himself on the arm. When I ask him why he does this, he says it's because he is stressed or be cause he is feeling bad about the things he has done and feels like he needs to be punished.

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Find help or get online counseling now. Posted by myneurotica. Apparently it isn't done for "attention",I have seen this happen and it doesn't even make sense as the person normally seems OK. Also, when it does occur, this person seems to get embarrassed and wants to be alone.

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Patti Neighmond. Back in the days of authoritarian parenting in the '50s, obedience and propriety were high values. Digressions from good manners, respect and good behavior were often met with punishment.

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Comparing Child Parasomnias. Help your infant or toddler sleep with this simple bedtime routine. Afraid and confused: understanding childhood parasomnias.


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