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He was not a large man physically; in fact he barely met the height and weight requirements for admission to the Naval Academy. He even went as far as changing his name, Ned, to Edward as he thought it would be more befitting a naval officer. Despite his diminutiveness, he won two medals in fencing, wrote two prize essays, and won top honors in seamanship and navigation.

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I focus on outside river-channel bends with submerged cover in the form of stumps, laydown logs, big rocks — and mud bottom, which is critical. I catch most of my big blues now on banks with a rapid slope into deep water, with the majority of fish coming from 30 to 45 feet deep. I set out several lines throughout this depth range, each with a Carolina rig sporting a 3- to 5-ounce sliding sinker, a barrel swivel, and a 2- to 3-foot leader, with cut skipjack herring on the business end.

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