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Literally, to urinate while wearing one's clothing. I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I'd nearly wet my pants by the time I made it home. Sarah has just finished potty training, but she still wets her pants from time to time.

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Something as simple as sneezing during an allergy fit or jumping during a cardio workout class could cause urine to leak out, says Philip Buffington, M. Your solution: Kegels—yep, the same exercise that can strengthen your orgasms —can build your pelvic floor muscles. Your solution: Kegels will help here, too.

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Peeing your pants in public can be very embarrassing. Some kids and even adults have issues that make this a frequent problem. When this happens to you, the last thing you want is for someone to notice.

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Wasn't sure if we were going to "buy" the fact that Marc could really hypnotize strangers. Sat next to a girl having a bachlorette party and she was for real! Ended up with 12 members from the audience and we could not stop laughing.

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It's a satirical romp through the twilight zone of daycare board of directors, twisted psychics, angst-filled adult daughters with controlling moms and many other topics near and dear to the hearts of the delightfully dysfunctional WASP women we know and love. Festival organizers might have considered offering adult diapers at the door, since the theatre was filled with several hundred women, most of whom were expected to use the one ladies' room available during the one minute intermission during the fall-down, pee-your-pants-laughing show. In one skit, Mona has left Chez Mona behind after 25 years and is intent on saving old-faced women from dressing like children and being scary.

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Posted by Jennifer Hines. Bedwetting also known as sleep enuresis and urinary incontinence is a fairly common condition in young children and is seen as a sign of an immature, developing bladder. In fact, most doctors don't consider bedwetting in children to be a sign of a problem unless the child is older than seven years old, or the child has begun wetting the bed again after six months of maintaining overnight bladder control.

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Updated: August 26, References. Perhaps the most iconic of sleepover pranks, tricking your snoozing friends into peeing themselves has an obvious appeal. Home Random.

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