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Turns out she had a moon-cup in and thought it would be fine — but my bedroom ending up looking like a murder scene and I was coated in blood! I often find when I have an orgasm shortly before or after my period, I start spotting a little. This happened that time, and I unexpectedly started bleeding all over my light fleshtone dildo.

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It totally threw me. Some men are actually into menstrual blood as its own sexual fetish. They like having sex with women on their period.

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Menophilia is simply the love philia of menstrual blood. Menstruation is a natural thing. All female-bodied individuals with a healthy reproductive system do it.

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Usually I just go for it and think about how gross it was afterwards, but this guy has taken it to the next level — and then some. Writing for Marie Claire, an anonymous guy wrote about why he is so enthralled by period sex at this point in his life:. That included sex on her period. When she first suggested we try it, I admit I was reluctant.

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Mark your territory on furniture, mattresses, public transportation. Hide it in your armpits, in your hair line, and under your breasts to make. Bring to the apple store so you can decorate while you wait for a friendly.

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Our school nurse, Mrs. Alleau, was a rather loud woman with short hair and thick glasses. It was to her office that I would run to every time my period pains had me crouched over in agony—a fact that I found highly embarrassing and was scared to death of boys finding out.

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The child may engage in auto-vampirism in tasting his own blood and during puberty. Description: Others grab an intimate wet wipe or use scented sanitary pads. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 42 7I ran to say, it does exist, and we overcome it every day.

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Annie Lennox was comforting me with her tender, soulful voice overhead as I weaved in and out of each aisle, cruising dementedly for the super-super-plus cotton blood soakers I so desperately needed. I thought the entire scene was hilarious, of course, because not even two months earlier I was dancing my face off until 6 a. And me being me, I picked up my phone to text this guy who I'd met a few weeks earlier and—if I'm to be honest with you, thought was hot and wanted to hook up with.

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Popular Fetish site FetLife has 32 points of terms and conditions. Under the prohibited conduct section, there are 42 things that are not allowed on the site, including the selling of firearms, releasing the price list of a phone sex operator, and sexualising murder. The news has more than 47 pages of comments, calling for further explanation and criticising FetLife for blocking the enjoyment of any kind of sexual stuff that involves blood.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Heads up: Some of the descriptions in this article are graphic and may be disturbing to some readers. Whether we're talking about broken hymens or navigating the ins and outs of period sexblood and sex have an undeniable connection.


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