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So we expect our salespeople to be masterful relationship-builders. After all, people prefer to work with and pay someone they genuinely like. When you work in client services like we do at HarpDatayour success depends on your ability to build strong, trusting, genuine relationships.

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It's filled with fascinating insights and practical strategies to take any business to the next level and beyond. LiebermanPh. It is as engaging as it is educational - the type of book you read in a single setting, and ten re-read at a snail's pace.

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There are vast bodies of research that discuss the linkages between being resilient, being happy, and having less stress. This also creates a positive feedback loop where being happy and having less stress increases one's resilience. Yes, you can join both!

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As a business adviser, I learn some surprising revelations from my clients. One of the most recent was when my colleagues and I spoke with some business owners and asked them if their customers trusted them. Everyone said yes. For this group, the intimate relationship between owners and employees results in less trust than the arms-length relationship with customers.

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Watch Talks Watch Talks. A stok-generated report calculates dollar gains from improvements in employee productivity, retention, and wellness. Drawing from more than 60 research reports, stok, the global real estate service provider, has calculated how occupancy in high-performance buildings improves the tenant's profitability over a decade.

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Many would agree that Intel has a world-class corporate social responsibility CSR program. But like every other company, this sustainability leader often struggles with measuring and monetizing its CSR program to bolster the business case. Just because you can't always monetize your sustainability program, however, does not mean it isn't creating strategic value, according to Suzanne Fallender, Intel's director of CSR strategy and communications.

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Up and to the right is a series that focuses on simple, actionable tips you can use right now to meet your goals. The ongoing relationship between a business and its customers is largely based on reliability and consistency. Customers expect a certain level of transparency when they submit questions, but for growing a company, providing reliable and consistent service can be difficult.

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We all want to be successful. In business, that means making money and having as much as possible sticking to your bottom line. It is almost always the last line at the bottom of the page after all expenses have already been taken out of revenues. Most companies aim to improve their bottom lines both by growing revenues and managing costs.

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After the economic crash ofpolicies at the federal level did little to impact the hardest hit communities or to hold banks accountable for the malfeasance that led to the recession. Bybig banks were posting record profits while job losses and foreclosures continued unabated. Recognizing the immense challenges to economic opportunity and well-being, some of the largest community organizing networks in the U.

With the mass migration of both businesses and consumers online, traditional advertising and marketing have started to give way to a new way of engaging customers—content. As consumers have easier access to information about anything and everything, traditional marketing strategies have become obsolete. People are more concerned with reading and engaging than they are with being sold things.


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