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All rights reserved. This picture of two mating insects comes with an unexpected twist. The one on top is a female, and she has a penis.

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Porn has indisputably given large portions of the population new sex things to try and enjoy, like shaving their crotches, doing anal and taking jizz shots to the face. One of those things seems to be pussy slapping. Pussy slappingalso called cunt spanking, clit slapping, clit smacking, vagina slapping, and clit tapping, is pretty much what it sounds like.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Alter, who has practices in both New York and Beverly Hills, explains on his website how he does the procedure. First, patients have to undergo electrolysis treatments to permanently remove their pubic hair so it doesn't grow inside the vagina.

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Source: Imgur. Source: Flickr - Photo Sharing! Can a vagina be too big for a penis?

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Patricia Brennan from Yale University is trying to encourage male Muscovy ducks to launch their ballistic penises into test tubes. Normally, the duck keeps its penis inside-out within a sac in its body. The whole process takes just a third of a second and Brennan captures it all on high-speed camera.

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Good morning. Yesterday, some coworkers were discussing the differences between a penis and a vagina. Stupid conversation and my coworkers mostly talked about penises.

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Carlos leao and pedro diaz hot, sex anal sex! Stag perverts dick guy who. Hard on london underground group sex alley media ass pounding huge cock!

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At some point in the species' history, female ruddy ducks decided blue bills were sexy, and evolution favored the flamboyant feature. But evolution just as carefully selected another extravagant male trait, which, at the time, was hidden: a long, corkscrew-shaped penis. In his new book, "Nature's Nether Regions" Viking,Schilthuizen takes a sweeping look across the animal kingdom — from ducks to hermaphroditic snails that have sex all day to sharks that use one of their penises, or "claspers," they have two to flush rival sperm out of the female's vagina — to illustrate an amazing diversity of genitalia that has been largely unappreciated, even among scientists.

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At rest, the vaginal canal measures 3. For the record, the largest erect penis clocks in at more than 13 inches Another penis-vagina fit issue has to do with a woman's age.

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We took it upon ourselves to ask some people with penises for answers. Fair enough. First off, what does sex feel like when you have a penis?


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