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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. You know those sexual encounters where something so undeniably hilarious happens that you and your partner both end up laughing hysterically?

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Your body makes boner-killing noises, the bed creaks and your sheets are probably still stained from the one time you thought it was a good idea to eat sushi in bed. The good part about awkward sex is it's a breeding ground see what I did there for great stories. Here, five women shared their tales of woe and misplaced vibrators.

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There can be plenty of awkward moments during sex. In a way, that's what's so great about sex. Sure it can feel very serious and in the moment, but things go wrong all the time.

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Sex can really be a beautiful thing; two people connecting with one another on a physical and emotional level, coming together in one of the most intimate and fun ways two human beings can. Most of us know all to well, you can be well on your way to having the orgasm of a lifetimeand then, in an instant, the sex takes a turn for the worst and ends in the kind of embarrassment no amount of post-coitus cocktails will ever wipe from your memory bank. But while most people are happy to chalk the experience up as a non-repeatable blunder in no need of sharing, we live in the age of the internet; where the guise of anonymity gives people the chance to share their most embarrassing sex stories with the world. We were in the gym and I was so turned on I pulled out and blasted in my own eye.

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There's a lot of pressure associated with sex - after all, it's two or more people at their most intimate and vulnerable That's why little embarrassing moments that happen during sex seem SO MUCH WORSE than if they had happened at any other time - especially if you're early in a new relationship and just dating, screwing up a night of sex with your partner could definitely mean the end of things. Also - it's just nice to hear we're not alone.

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One time, I met a guy who told me, "If you don't laugh at least once during sex, you're doing something wrong. While I don't know if that's necessarily true, I do know that more often than not, ridiculous things happen at some point during sex. I mean, when you're that close to someone and dealing with unpredictable bodily functions, how are you not going to have some slip-ups?

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On a ground level, sex should be a fun and healthy activity that everyone can enjoy responsibly. However, the actual act of intercourse isn't always as easy or attractive as the movies would make out. All those flailing limbs, communication issues, and bodily functions can sometimes make the moment a lot less sexy than it should be.

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Sex can be a lot of things -- passionate, energizing and yes, sometimes even embarrassing. When it comes to cringe-worthy stories, nothing quite beats the mistakes and mishaps that happen between the sheets. We reached out to our readers to ask about some of their most humiliating coital catastrophes and we have to admit, some of the stories they shared surprised even us! Once, when I was on top of my boyfriend in the throes of passion, my septum retainer fell out and landed right in his mouth.

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I was doing missionary with my ex while in high school. We were in the gym and I was so turned on I pulled out and blasted in my own eye. I turned around because my girlfriend had this terrified look of embarrassment on her face only to stare into the angry face of her gym teacher while the spooge dripped down my eye onto my lip.

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A long time ago, I was having a relationship with someone I shouldn't, so we were sneaking around. We were staying at a friend's place in Colorado; very cool, rustic, fireplaces, make-sure-the doors-are-locked because-there-are-bears kind of place. We were sleeping in separate bedrooms, but in the middle of the night I decide very unusually for me to be naughty.


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