Vintage pre amps

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A five-year-old surround-sound receiver has all the appeal of a five-year-old banana. But a five-year-old or even year-old stereo amplifier might sound and perform every bit as good as one built last month. Much stereo equipment is timeless, which is why so many audio enthusiasts are getting back into vintage gear.

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To that end, he integrated a portable rack case on the premises, loaded with BAE Audio preamps and compressors. The video below is the first in a several part series documenting Hawkins' home studio endeavors with BAE Audio. With a penchant for high quality transformers like Carnhill St lves and Jensen, everything is as close to the vintage philosophy as possible.

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The technical and engineering standards the V76 was built to were exceedingly high at the time. We love the simple and massive analog powerful of all things Gyraf Audio and the dual tube microphone preamp G9 is not an exception. This variable-gain input tube with a SRPP output stage features a comprehensible set of controls including input and output level siwtches allowing you to balance both the input and output signals.

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The V Inthe joint venture between AEG and Siemens, simplified as Telefunken, introduced the V1 pre-amplifier that eventually became the V41 after several development stages. The V41 quickly became the pre-amplifier for radio stations throughout Germany and parts of Europe.

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As every modern music producer knows, the sheer amount of software plugins available seems almost limitless. There are a bewildering number of effects out there. Some are simply no use at all.

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Search form Search. Solid State Preamp Reviews. Pass Laboratories XP line preamplifier.

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Each preamp uses state-of-the-art analog modeling technology to recreate every aspect of the preamp circuit, from mild coloration to full-on saturation and distortion. VPC can also add real analog preamp tone to any track or mix, and even create rich-sounding distortion effects when pushed hard. The FG preamp module is modeled after one of the most famous discrete solid state preamps in the industry, made in Britain and used on countless recordings.

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In the same way that my beloved API can sometimes rob too much of the air in a recording to be useful, so too can the Clariphonic make some things too airy or bright even at its most conservative settings. EQ can pull up the deep stuff, but it will be soft and slow, often ill-defined. If you need high gain for ribbons or quiet sources, you will sacrifice low end definition and clarity. None of this is necessarily bad because everything depends on the context, so a lot of preamp enthusiasts address the problem by collecting lots of flavors.

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VPre Only Buy Now. From its broadcast origins to its use on some of the best-selling, most enduring records of all time, the V76 preamp has played a pivotal supporting role in the story of pop music. By studying its sound and design, right down to the subtleties of each electronic component, we have created a virtual preamp that brings quintessential vintage tone to a whole new generation of musicians.

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Log in or Sign up. Messages: I'm wondering what people think is a good vintage preamp? I have a Mcintosh C40 in my office and I like that, although I don't think it qualifies as vintage c.


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