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Steroids are a group of anti-inflammatory drugs, commonly used to treat ocular and systemic conditions. Unmonitored use of steroids especially in eye drop formulations is common in situations when it is easily available over-the-counter, resulting in undesirable side effects. Among the ocular side effects, cataract and glaucoma are common.

Valdemar W. Setzer www. This paper is a review of the book by Gregory S.

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Groups is one of the world's largest collections of online discussion boards. The term Groups refers to Internet communication which is a hybrid between an electronic mailing list and a threaded Internet forumin other words, Group messages can be read and posted by e-mail or on the Group's webpage like a web forum. In addition, members can choose whether to receive individual, daily digest or Special Delivery e-mails, or simply read Group posts on the Group's Web site. Groups can be created with public or member-only access.

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I Nurse. Correspondence addressed to. Child abuse has been increasing, and addressing this phenomenon is within the responsibilities of health services.

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The high prevalence of this disease led to proposed new strategies based on the home evaluation and management of patients. Diagnostic evaluations were carried out with portable monitoring at home, and with polysomnography in the sleep laboratory. In the home group, the therapeutic pressure values reached at the end of each unattended home titration night were similar. A single unattended titration night is sufficient to determine the therapeutic pressure.

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